•  Accelerated Reader Program

    Trinity Catholic School uses the Accelerated Reader Program (AR), as well as STAR Reading, as enrichment to the reading and literature programs already in place at Trinity.  STAR Reading is simply a computer-based screening tool that assesses reading comprehension in about 10 minutes. It helps us determine the appropriate level of reading challenge for each child so that students can self-select appropriate reading materials that interest them. STAR Reading helps us monitor reading progress quickly and easily. It is administered to students in grades 1 to 8 several times a year, and reports are included with report cards bi-annually.

    The Accelerated Reader Program is a separate reading management software program. AR promotes wide reading, which is the most effective research based method to build vocabulary.  The program reinforces student effort through progress monitoring and feedback through the setting of personalized reading goals.


    • Learn their appropriate reading level, Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), from the STAR Reading results.
    • Choose books at their appropriate reading level and read them at their own pace, working towards quarterly goal.
    • Take a short AR quiz, on a school computer, within 48 hours of reading the book (Passing the quiz indicates comprehension of the book).
    • Receive immediate feedback based on the quiz results.


    • Learn their students’ appropriate reading levels, Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), from the STAR Reading results.
    • Manage and monitor their students’ independent reading practice.
    • Receive immediate feedback from the AR quiz results to help students set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.


    • Learn their child’s appropriate reading level, Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD), from the STAR Reading results.
    • Encourage children to do additional reading at home.
    • Be able to check the Home Connect to learn their child’s reading level and monitor their child’s progress as they read books and take quizzes.

    You can access the Home Connect thru the Media and Technology classroom page under Media and Technology Resources or hosted108.renlearn.com/60205/HomeConnect/ You will need your child’s AR log in information.