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    The Trinity Catholic School Middle School program is designed to carry out our school mission by helping students in grades 6-8 acquire and develop the knowledge and skills to prepare them to succeed in high school and beyond.  We strive to inspire, in each student, a love of God, of self, and of neighbor, a love of learning, self-knowledge, and meaningful community membership and participation.

    During the middle school years, students experience rapid growth intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  They gradually take ownership of the learning process, build relationships, and come to appreciate their own individuality and their role in the community as Christians as they prepare to take on the challenges of high school and life beyond. Although our Middle School’s academic program is rigorous, our high expectations are fully aligned with the developmental capacities of our young students and supported by the work and passion of our well trained and experienced faculty.

    Our Catholic Faith is integral to all that we do at Trinity Catholic School. Prayer, Mass, and other liturgical events and celebrations of our faith continue to be important elements of the lives of our middle school students. The Catholic teachings, traditions, practices and worldview are specifically taught through Religion class and are addressed in many ways throughout the curriculum in other areas.

    While maintaining a core curriculum of Mathematics, Literature, English, Science, Social Studies, and Religion, Trinity also provides opportunities for the student to explore other areas including physical education, music, art, foreign language, and technology.  

    Advanced classes are offered in Mathematics, Literature and English.  

    Eighth grade students have the opportunity to earn up to three high school credits with Algebra I, Latin I or Spanish I, and H.O.P.E.  

    Technology is integrated into core classes, with supporting classes in keyboarding and Microsoft Office programs.  Additionally, our 1:1 iPad program for 8th grade allows students an added resource for ebooks; and a tool for collaboration, research, planning, and multi-platform presentations.

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