• S.M.A.R.T.  Parents:

    Hello, I’m Jake Moore (jake@mysmartprogram.com), the President of the SMART program. The founder is Laurel Moore, an alumna and my sister. I am also a Trinity alumnus and presently a student at Leon High School.  Laurel created this program as a way to give back to Trinity by helping students increase their leadership skills, give back to their peers and school, and boost their confidence in their knowledge to give them a better foundation for the future.  I am excited about starting this year with a new and improved program. I hope that it will continue to be a wonderful addition to the services already offered at Trinity Catholic School.

    WHAT: SMART is a free tutoring program and is available to students in grades 1st-8th.

    WHO: NJHS members tutoring students in grades 1st-5th in all subjects FREE
    High school students tutoring students in grades 6th-8th in all subjects FREE

    WHEN: Whatever date and time set between student’s parents and tutor. However, the Trinity Catholic library will be open till 4pm Monday-Thursday and you are welcome to use this facility as long as Mrs. Spanarelli or Jake is notified at least a day in advance.

    WHERE: Student will be tutored in a destination determined by parents and tutor

    WHY: To assist students who need help in certain subjects (better the knowledge of the student body)

    HOW MANY:  The maximum number of tutoring sessions is two per week.

    How to work SMART (not harder):

    If your child needs service hours…

    • If you are in NJHS or have a 3.75 or higher GPA and would like to become a tutor please email me at jake@mysmartprogram.com.
    • Please include your first and last name and grade. DISCLAIMER: family emails/phone numbers will be shared with family that student is tutoring

    If your child would like to be tutored...

    • First, If you wish for your child to be tutored in a particular subject(s) please email me at jake@mysmartprogram.com, so that I can connect you with a tutor.

    • Please include your child’s name and grade so that I can pass that information on to the correct tutor and the tutor’s parents. If your child is in grades 1st-5th they will be placed with an NJHS member or another capable student from Trinity Catholic. If your child is in grades 6th-8th they will be placed with a high school student. DISCLAIMER: family emails/phone numbers will be shared with tutor.