Welcome back and Happy New Year!

    What a wonderful perfomance by our kids for Christmas!

    We will continue with the story of Christmas this week while we celebrate the feast of the Epiphany.  It coincides nicely with K week since we will be learning more about the Kings that followed the star. 

    Please remember to bring your child a clean towel at the beginning of each week. 

    Early Release Friday the 17th and no school on Monday the 20th. 

    So much progress has been made since the beginning of the year.  Not just academically speaking but also with behavior and attitude. 

    I am excited to get back to it!!


    Your children will continue to work on how to play nicely and respectfully with others.  I am helping them with manners and how to ask for things politely.  We are helping each other manage our emotions when we don't get what we want.

    We pray throughout the day and they all now know how to make the sign of the cross.


    If you have not sent in a media release form please let me know. 

    Work with them please on recognizing,  tracing and writing the letters A through K.   At this age they still like homework! :)

    As always feel free to contact me at wildeb@trinityknights.org