Covid-19 Protocols - October 15, 2021

15 October 2021

Dear Trinity Families,

We are all delighted that the metrics that are monitored for COVID-19 are definitely improving. After studying these downward trends and having consultations with our local medical advisory team, the COVID-19 situation in our community is at a point where we can relax some of our safety protocols.

Please note that our local medical team is blessed to have a medical doctor who oversees COVID-19 admissions at a local hospital and a very respected, experienced pediatrician, both with ties to Trinity. We trust our team. They monitor trends and measurements related to this virus. Local metrics from the CDC include:

  1. Number of current COVID-19 cases
  2. Percent positivity of COVID-19 tests
  3. Number of deaths related to COVID-19
  4. New hospital admissions

These numbers are combined to determine the community “level of transmission”, which is ranked as low, moderate, substantial, or high. This “level of transmission” is what determines how strict the Leon County Health Department is with classroom closures.

Due to improved metrics, beginning Monday, October 18, 2021, the following are the COVID-19 safety protocols for Trinity Catholic School.

  • Mask protocols will be adjusted. Students will be required to wear masks in hallways and when in the classrooms until they are seated at their desks. Once the student is seated at his/her desk, (which will be as socially-distanced from other students as much as possible), the student may remove the mask. If the student is up and moving around the classroom, he/she will put the mask back on. The large majority of the time, the students will be safe at their desks and not required to wear masks. Students will not wear their masks outside, while they are eating, or at PE/recess.
  • Those parents wanting their children to wear masks even while sitting at their desks need to inform their students of their responsibility to follow parent direction.
  • Teachers are not required to wear masks while teaching at the front of the room away from students. Masks will still be required of Faculty, Staff, and students when teachers are helping an individual student, working in small groups with students, or within 3 feet of students.
  • Unfortunately, volunteers are not allowed on campus at this time. The situation will be readdressed as soon as we monitor our changes in protocols, in order to determine when we can welcome back our wonderful volunteers.
  • Visitors are required to wear masks at all times when inside the buildings. This includes but is not limited to parents dropping off lunches for students, contractors, speech therapy tutors, etc.
  • Please find our COVID-19 Quarantine Decision Tree on our website. Note that students who are both vaccinated and asymptomatic will not have to quarantine if exposed to a positive case.

Protocols that will stay in place:

  • Touchless fountains, sinks, restrooms.
  • Best practice of cleaning and sanitizing our facility
  • Distance Learning available to parents who choose this long-term option and to students who are quarantined for at least a week.
  • Desk barriers as appropriate.
  • Maintaining grade level cohorts
  • Air filtration systems in classrooms and throughout buildings.
  • We will continue to put in place protocols that protect everyone from COVID-19 while creating the best possible learning environment.

This pandemic has always been a fluid situation. Protocols will continue to change accordingly as the situation improves or deteriorates. We are thankful to all who gave input, and are so blessed to have wonderful families at Trinity. Thank you to all for your patience through this time. May God bless you and your families.

Yours in Christ,

Tommy Bridges