• 7th and 8th Grade NET Ministries Retreat 

    NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Every August, 175 young Catholics aged 18-28 leave behind their jobs, school, family, and friends to devote nine months to serving with the National Evangelization Teams (NET).

     NET Ministries Retreat Testimonies:

     "My daughter came home from Wednesday's retreat so inspired. She said it was life-changing! She was walking on air and said the retreat was the best event she's been to. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication."

    - 8th grade parent


     "This is just a short note to express our gratitude for a wonderful retreat yesterday! What an awesome car ride home as [our daughter] entered the car and enthusiastically shared how she spent her day.  It filled my heart with joy (to the point of tears) listening about the skits, conversations and prayers she experienced. To witness her joy, in her new understanding of the depth of Christ’s love, made for one of the happiest day ever! Her response to "Christ’s letter" (which she shared with us) made it clear, that she “gets it” and that she knows she does not walk alone. What more could a parent ask for their daughter…especially during the challenging years of middle school? Thank you NET ministries….thank you Trinity!"

    -8th grade parent


    "We were so blessed to be able to host the Net Ministries guys group for the evening before the retreat. It was a true blessing for our family to have that time to get to know these incredible young men who have given up a year of their life to travel the country in order to inspire their fellow Catholic youth. But to our surprise, we weren't serving them, they continued their service to us as well. Being able to have the opportunity to pray with them for grace and night prayer and have deep thoughtful discussions on our faith and the world around us, really made us feel like the holy spirit was right there with us for the evening.  I also think it was incredible for our kids to be able to see first hand how these fun and "normal" group of guys find that balance between life and prayer. It was a truly joyful evening!"

    -8th grade parent