Awards, Scholarships, and Special Recognitions

  • Fran Hudson Memorial Scholarship

    Fran Hudson Scholarship

    The Fran Hudson Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Francine Hudson, who served as a member of the Trinity Catholic School faculty for over 30 years, first as a teacher and later as Assistant Principal.  Fran Hudson “was smart, kind, honest, and always had a smile on her face as well as a positive comment to share.  She expected excellence from her students, taught passionately, and was fair but tough when you did not live up to her expectations.  She made you want to succeed.” – Bryan Desloge.  This scholarship seeks to recognize the qualities of a positive attitude, a ‘can-do spirit’ and the desire to succeed as a Trinity Catholic School student.

    One student in 1st through 8th Grade per year will be awarded a Trinity tuition scholarship in the amount of $500.

    The student selected for this award is chosen by teachers.

     The Father J. Franklin Murray Awards for Academic Excellence 


    Each year, the parishioners of the Co-Cathedral of St. Thomas More fund a scholarship for one 7th Grade student and one 8th Grade student at Trinity Catholic School to reward them for their academic excellence. Students are nominated by their peers and selected based on essays and interviews. 

     The Monsignor John V. O'Sullivan Family Scholarship

     Monsignor O'Sullivan scholarship

    This scholarship will be awarded annually to a family who has their child(ren) at Trinity Catholic School in order to receive a quality Catholic education, despite the financial challenge that it places on their family.  To qualify for the Scholarship, the family must be active members of Blessed Sacrament Parish, regular in their attendance at Mass, willingly share their gifts of time and talent in this Parish, and their chil(dren) must have attended Trinity Catholic School for a minimum of one (1) year prior to applying for this scholarship.

    One Family will be awarded a Trinity tuition Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00

    Applications must be submitted by April 3, 2020. Principal (and/or their designee) will select three finalists by April 24, 2020. The Pastor will select a winner to be announced on or as close to May 1st.

    Family name will be placed on the Monsignor John V. O’Sullivan Family Scholarship Fund plaque and be displayed in the Trinity Catholic School Media Center.

    Download an application here.  

    NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)

    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade – The Sister Rose-Ailene Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society at Trinity Catholic School is an organization that promotes appropriate recognition for its students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, service, and citizenship.  Students are eligible for admittance in NJHS during their 6th grade year, in accordance with The Sister Rose-Aileen Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society Bylaws. The initial invitation is based on G.P.A.  Those students who are eligible are required to complete an application to join.  The first part of admission into NJHS is submitting the application on time.  Applications are reviewed by a committee made up of middle school teachers and an administrator.  The reviews are based on contents of the application and elements of character, including, but not limited to: conduct, sportsmanship, general attitude and outlook, class performance, willingness to help, positive peer relationships, leadership by example, and concern for others.

    8th Grade, only – Once admitted into NJHS, students who have maintained a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average, completed at least 20 hours of community service, and have upheld the highest standards of conduct and behavior, both in and out of school, will wear white stoles for the graduation mass. (These stoles can be purchased or returned after the graduation mass.)

    Duke T.I.P

    7th Grade, only – Duke TIP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically gifted and talented students.  7th Grade students who scored a 95% or higher on last year’s ITBS test are eligible to take the SAT or ACT.  Eligible students will be recognized at the end of the school year.

    AJ Moreno Award

    7th Grade, only – AJ will be remembered for his determination, his friendliness and respect to all, and his ability to bring out the best in others.  AJ personified the spirit of striving for excellence in academics, sports, and community service.  This award is given each year to the 7th Grade student at Trinity Catholic School who best exemplifies AJ’s spirit.

    The student selected for this award is chosen by peers and teachers.

    The John Rollins Meikenhouse III Memorial Scholarship

    7th Grade, only – Created and inspired by the love and caring John experienced here, this scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving middle school student who will benefit in the development of mind and body and from the visible spirit of love, safety and understanding that exemplifies the essence of Catholic Education at Trinity Catholic School.

    The student selected for this award applies and is selected by committee.

    Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)

    D.A.R. Patriot Award

    8th Grade, only – The Caroline Brevard Chapter of the National Daughters of the American Revolution offers the DAR Patriotism Medal and certificate.

    The following criteria are considered:

    HONOR:  honesty – demonstrating high principles, trustworthiness, loyalty, punctuality, moral strength and stability, and cleanliness in mind and body.

    SERVICE:  cooperation, meritorious behavior bringing honor to school or community, kindliness, unselfishness, true Americanism; individual responsibility to home, to country and to God.

    COURAGE:  mental and physical determination to overcome obstacles.

    LEADERSHIP:  personality, originality, demonstrating ability to lead and guide others, good sportsmanship, and responsibility.

    PATRIOTISM:  demonstrates fundamental Americanism.

    The student selected for this award is chosen by peers and teachers.


    8th Grade, only – The Knights of Columbus, Father Hugon Council 3521, sponsors an essay contest and a leadership award.  The essay award is based on a topic of leadership and chosen by the Knights of Columbus.  First, second and third place certificates and monetary awards will be given.

    The leadership award is based on nominations from the faculty and self-evaluations, based on the following criteria: conduct, sportsmanship, general attitude and outlook, class performance, willingness to help, positive peer relationships, leadership by example, and concern for others.  The award is chosen, based on these evaluations, by the Knights of Columbus.


    Erica Davey Memorial Scholarship

    8th Grade, only – The Erica Davey Memorial Scholarship award has been generously founded and funded by the parents of a former Trinity student. This award is dedicated in memory of a bright young girl who maintained determined spirit in spite of overwhelming odds.  Her love of learning and dedication to athletics, her sensitivity and compassion for others, her loyal bonds of friendship, and her great zest for life are qualities that will always be remembered.  The recipient for the ERICA DAVEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP will have his or her name inscribed on a plaque, which will be displayed a tTrinity Catholic School.  In addition, the student will receive a $100 check for future educational pursuits. This award is being given to a student selected for showing the necessary determination, perseverance, and character to succeed.

    The student selected for this award is chosen by teachers.


    Fine Arts Award

    8th Grade, only – Mrs. Fernandez, for whom this scholarship was named, was a Trinity mom and wife of Board member, Mr. Segundo Fernandez. She reared four children who attended Trinity, and she gave many hours in service to the school.  She was an exemplary community leader and had a great love for the arts. Carolyn was active in many organizations and worked tirelessly to encourage appreciation and interest in the arts by children and adults alike.  Trinity and the Tallahassee community suffered a great loss upon her death from cancer in February 1998, at the age of 46.  The recipient for the CAROLYN HULSEY FERNANDEZ MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP will have his or her name inscribed on a plaque, which will be displayed at Trinity Catholic School.  In addition, the student will receive a $100 check for future educational pursuits.

    The student selected for this award is chosen by the Art and Music teachers.


    "Be Kind" Award

    8th Grade, only – In honor of Mrs. Jan Jarrett, who retired after teaching 30 years at Trinity, an annual award has been established.  The values taught by Mrs. Jarrett in her “BE KIND” Kindergarten classes are kindness, thoughtfulness, and Christian friendship is awarded to one boy and one girl.

    The students selected for this award are chosen by peers and teachers.

    President’s Education Awards

    8th Grade, only – The fate of America lies in the hands of our leaders.  Some of the long-term problems and challenges we face today, plus many new ones, will be handed on to our children who will make decisions based on the information and education we have given them.  The President’s Education Awards Program was developed to recognize and honor those students who have achieved high academic goals by their hard work and dedication to learning, earning at least a 3.5 G. P. A. along with 85% or better on the Mathematics and Reading sections of the I.T.B.S. Test.

     Athlete of the Year

    Athletes of the Year

    8th Grade, only – This award goes to the student athletes that have shown their coaches not only their abilities, but good sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork.  Their names have been added to the plaque that hangs in the Media Center for all to see.

    The student selected for this award is chosen by the highest rankings from the coaches of boys and girls basketball, boys and girls’ soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, track, and cross country.


    8th Grade, only – Gold chords will be awarded to 8th Grade students who received honors all four quarters, all three years, throughout Middle School, grades 6, 7, and 8.


    Highest GPA

    8th Grade, only – The Trinity Trophy is awarded each year to the 8th Grade student who has maintained the highest academic average throughout middle school, grades 6, 7 and 8.  This trophy also recognizes outstanding citizenship and effort in all areas.  The Trinity Trophy can only be awarded to students who attended Trinity the entire three years of middle school.

    Honor Roll Medals

    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade – A Principals Award is awarded to those students who have received straight A’s for all four quarters this year.  Gold medals are awarded to those students who have maintained first honors for all four quarters this year, a silver medal goes to those who have achieved first and second honors, a bronze to those attaining all second honors, and commendable achievement for a combination of first, second, and commendable achievements.


    6th, 7th, and 8th Grade


    8th Grade, only


    8th Grade, only