Proper conduct and appropriate dress reflect the virtues of modesty and self-respect and are essential to maintaining a positive atmosphere for learning.  It is the responsibility of parents to assure students are dressed according to this dress code before leaving for school.  Parents may be called regarding infractions to the dress code and asked to bring a change of clothes to school.  Multiple infractions may result in further disciplinary actions.  Administration reserves the right to make final interpretations or changes in the dress code below.

    All school uniforms must be purchased at Lands' End, Tommy Hilfigeror through the Uniform Closet located at the school. Skirts, skorts, shirts, hoodies and fleece jackets not purchased from these two vendors are considered out of uniform.  Shorts and pants only may be purchased from the Target School Uniform section or Old Navy School Uniform section (both in-store and online) following the below guidelines. P.E. uniforms, Trinity Spirit shirts, Kindergarten shirts and sweatpants are purchased through School Spirit Shop USA. All personal items (clothing, lunch boxes, etc.) must be labeled with student’s name. Uniforms must be clean, with no marks or tears.


    Pre-Kindergarten 3 and 4: All students will wear comfortable play clothes and tennis shoes (no boots, sandals, clogs, Crocs, platform shoes, etc.) and socks.  PK3 & PK4 students are not allowed to wear Trinity plaid skirts, skorts or jumpers.

    Kindergarten: All students will wear the Trinity “Kinder Knights” t-shirts, uniform bottoms (pants, shorts, or plaid skorts), tennis shoes (no boots, sandals, clogs, Crocs, platform shoes, etc.) and socks.  Shorts and skorts must be no shorter than 3” above the knee.  In the winter, Trinity sweatpants may be worn, in addition to guidelines in Winter Wear, see below.  

    First - Eighth:  

    All students will wear uniform bottoms, uniform tops, belts, shoes and socks (see descriptions below).  






    1st-4th Grade

    pants or shorts

    pants, shorts, skorts or jumpers

    • belt (if wearing pants or shorts)
    • green or white polo
    • socks
    • shoes

    5th Grade

    pants or shorts

    pants, shorts, skorts, skirts or jumpers

    • belt (if wearing pants or shorts)
    • green or white polo
    • socks
    • shoes

    6th -8th Grade

    pants or shorts

    pants, shorts, skirts 

    • belt (if wearing pants or shorts)
    • blue or white polo
    • socks
    • shoes




    PE shorts and shirts (see description below



    Pants:  Pants must be light khaki, cotton or cotton/poly blend, finished/hemmed bottom, belt loops, flat front, and relaxed fit. Denim, cargo styles, and/or skinny fit ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    Shorts:  Shorts (boys and girls) may be NO SHORTER than 3” above the knee.  Shorts must be light khaki, cotton or cotton/poly blend, hemmed bottom, belt loops, flat front, and relaxed fit. Denim, cargo styles, and/or skinny fit ARE NOT ALLOWED.


    Skirts, Skorts and Jumpers:  Skirts, skorts and jumpers may be NO SHORTER than 3” above the knee.  It is recommended that girls wear spandex shorts under their skirts and jumpers.  


    Shirts:  Blouses and shirts must be worn completely tucked in with the waistband visible.  Waistbands should never be rolled.  When white blouses are worn, girls may only wear white bras; blouses may not be unbuttoned more than two buttons from the neckline.


    Any T-shirts worn under uniform shirts must be plain white, short sleeve, crew, or v-neck.  


    Shoes:   Shoes are to be clean and in good condition. Wear low, or mid top (does not cover ankle) white, black, gray, or navy athletic shoes with solid laces. No other footwear is acceptable; NO high-tops, Crocs, sandals, boots, open-toe, high heels, platform, light up, flash, or change to skate shoes are permitted.


    Socks:  Wear plain, solid black, navy blue, or white, ankle or crew socks (small, discrete logos are permitted).  Socks must be worn at all times. Socks must be above the ankle length. Low-cut, or no-show, socks are not permitted.


    Belts:  Plain brown, black, or navy-blue belts MUST be worn with pants and shorts.


    Winter Wear:  All outerwear must be Trinity Spirit wear. To unify and promote our school spirit, NO other school sweatshirts or jackets are permitted.  ONLY Eighth Grade students may wear SJPII High School sweatshirts or jackets.  Non-uniform sweaters or jackets are not permitted to be worn on campus, with the exception of winter coats before school, after school, and at recess.  Long-sleeved undershirts must be the same color as the uniform shirt (i.e. white undershirt under dress uniform shirt, navy blue undershirt under blue casual uniform shirt).  Plain black, white or navy-blue tights may be worn with skirts, skorts, and jumpers; if tights and socks are worn together, they must be the same color.  Uniforms are to be worn under outerwear.


    Jewelry:  Jewelry is limited to small, Catholic school appropriate items.  Girls may wear one pair of stud-type earrings (boys may not wear earrings).  All students may wear one necklace that can be worn with a small cross, medal, or pendant; one non-jingling bracelet; and, one ring.  More than one necklace, bracelet, ring, or pair of earrings are not permitted.  ID bracelets for medical purposes may be worn.  


    Watches are permitted as long as they do not alarm or distract from student learning.  Smart watches, Fitbits, or similar devices are NOT permitted.


    Hair:  Hair is to be clean, combed, not cover the eyes, and out of the face.  Extreme hairstyles and/or color/bleach are not permitted.  Adolescent boys may find it necessary to remove noticeable facial hair.  Hair accessories must be small and match the uniform worn that day.  


    Make-up and nail polish: Clear lip balm for chapped lips is allowed. Students are permitted to wear natural concealer/foundation.  Eye make-up is not permitted, including on N.U.D.s, through 7th Grade.  Eighth Grade girls may wear light (not heavy) mascara.  Only clear or nude color nail polish is permitted; no artificial fingernails.


    Tattoos: Tattoos (this includes washable tattoos) are not permitted.


    Scents:  Due to severe allergy sensitivities, perfume, cologne, after-shave, spray deodorants, or other scents are NOT permitted to be used on campus.


    PE Uniforms, Middle School only: 

    All Middle School students are required to wear regulation, monogrammed gym clothes consisting of a t-shirt and shorts.  Shirts and shorts must be monogrammed with First, Middle, and Last initials for safety and identification purposes.




    • Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be NO higher than 3” above the knee.
    • Shirts must have sleeves, completely cover midriff, show no cleavage, and have no suggestive advertising or sayings.
    • Spandex / elastic / tight fitting leggings, jeggings, exercise pants, yoga pants, pajama style pants, ripped or cut-off pants/shorts are not permitted.
    • Shoes may be worn with or without socks; no flip flops, clogs, or backless sandals may be worn.
    • Makeup, nail polish, and jewelry guidelines are the same as uniform days.
    • Any item of clothing with a logo that disrupts the learning environment is not allowed; examples include:  political slogans, inappropriate pictures or language, etc.


    Students who come to school and do not meet these requirements will be asked to call their parents so acceptable clothes can be brought to them.  No Uniform Days are a 

    privilege that should not be abused.  N.U.D.s will not be granted to students who violate the uniform code.