COVID-19 Response

  • At Trinity Catholic School, we are committed to providing our students with an uninterrupted education while in a safe and healthy environment. 
    Our priorities are:

    1. Safety: Mitigating and slowing the growth of COVID-19 in the context of a return to
      work and schools. Understanding that there is an inherent risk in returning from social
      distancing while in a pandemic, we also understand that we are part of a societal decision
      that accepts balancing COVID-19 risk against the need for life to continue.  
    2. Presence: Keeping school open daily. We do not want to burden parents with
      challenging schedules that require them to stay home and out of work - we want our
      students at school, in their cohorts, for the full day. This is good for the children’s mental
      health and social growth.
    3. Growth: Despite limitations, we want our children to continue their academic progress
      at grade level in their faith and in all core academic standards.

    Trinity Catholic School reserves the right to change healthcare protocols based on evolving COVID-19 research. 

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

  • Cleaning and Safety Protocols

  • After-School and Extracurricular Activities

  • Visitors