2021-2022 Uniform Information

The approved vendors for uniforms are Lands’ End (link) and our newest vendor, Tommy Hilfiger (link). Additionally, Full Press Apparel (local) provides Kindergarten “Kinder Knights” shirts and “Kinder Knights” sweatpants, spirit shirts, and jackets/sweatshirts. The Uniform Closet on campus also has used uniforms for sale.

1. The only shoes allowed for students are solid color, low-top athletic shoes-white, black, navy, or grey. Socks may be white, black, or navy, and must rise over the ankle.

2. Girls in Kindergarten through Fourth Grade wear plaid skorts. Girls in Grades 5-8 wear plaid skirts. Girls in all grades may also wear khaki shorts and/or khaki pants.

3. PreK3 and PreK4 students wear play clothes to school. No uniforms are allowed in PreK3 or PreK4. These students should wear closed-toed shoes.

4. Continuing from last year, no dress uniform is required on Mass days. Students may choose to wear dress uniforms, but they are not mandatory.

5. Also continuing from last year, Middle School students will not dress out on PE days. Please call the Trinity Front Office if you have any questions at 850-222-0444.