• EAGLES- Gifted Education Program

    The gifted education program at Trinity Catholic School is now known as EAGLES.  EAGLES stands for Enriched Accelerated Guided Learning for Exceptional Students. 

    Students who have been identified as gifted are being provided service currently in grades 1-5.  Students spend 2 hours a week outside of their regular classroom, working on projects, enrichment activities, and solving problems.  4th and 5th grades have an EAGLES Google Classroom set up.  Activities we are working on along with resources are located on Google Classroom.  1st through 3rd grades have a Google Classroom set up for classroom use.        

    The photo gallery has pictures of our EAGLES soaring high!


    Current Projects:

    The students have been soaring high with various projects in class this year.

    5th grade is learning about the brain. They are each researching a part of the brain that interests them. They are learning about memories, how information is shared and retrieved, and how the brain works in general. This class is delving deeper into the 'why' various things happen. They are keeping notebooks where they write down any questions they have and then research those answers. On Halloween, the class completed an escape room on the Chocolate Thief.

    4th grade is learning about simple machines and building their own Rube Goldberg machines. They are using technology to build various types of chain reaction machines. The students are really enjoying learning how machines work together to achieve a particular outcome. They can work through and persevere when something does not work as planned.

    3rd grade is learning about different countries. They each chose a country that was interesting to them and completing research to find interesting facts about the country, its culture, and its location. The students will present their information to the class.

    1st and 2nd grade is learning about the weather. They have observed the weather over the past two months. They have created bar graphs and line graphs to show the variation in the weather. They learned about the water cycle and how it relates to the weather. The class also conducted an experiment on the weather cycle and what determines when the rain will fall as precipitation. The students have an interest in hurricanes, tsunamis, tornados, whirlpools, and the Bermuda Triangle. We will continue to learn how each of these is connected to the weather.  This class has completed the weather unit and will be moving on and learning about inventions.  The students are looking forward to designing their own inventions in class.




    • March 12th- 5th Grade field trip to the American Escape Room in Tallahassee from 11:55 am - 2:05 pm.
      • Permission slips will go home the first week of March
      • One parent chaperone/driver will be needed for this field trip


    • April 21st- EAGLES Showcase 9:00 - 10:30 am in the Parish Hall


    • April 28th- Last day of EAGLES for this school year 


    At-Home Activities:


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