• Math Olympiads

    We are pleased to announce that Trinity Catholic School will be participating in Math Olympiads again this school year!  This is our 3rd year participating.

     Students who are in EAGLES will be completing math problems on a monthly basis starting in November as part of Trinity's Math Olympiad team.  The team will be comprised of 2nd through 5th-grade students.  The students will have 30 minutes to complete 5 math problems.  Those problems are scored electronically and the students compete with Math Olympiad teams from around the world.   The students have been completing practice problems during EAGLES throughout October and November to prepare for the start of Math Olympiads.  Students may complete additional practice problems to help them prepare for the upcoming contest problems each month.  The practice problems from 2017-18 are located here.  The practice problems from 2018-19 are located here.


    Math Olympiads has provided a Parent Welcome Letter and an information letter on What Every Young Mathlete Should Know.  Please view these documents for additional information.  Math Olympiads will take place during EAGLES. 


    Each student who took part in MOEMS (Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools) will receive a Certificate of Participation.  Additional awards and trophies will be given to students who qualify based on their cumulative score rank.  One trophy will be awarded to the highest individual scorer for the team.