•  Middle School Girls

    All FHSAA forms must be turned in prior to tryouts. There are three videos that must be watched each year and certificates turned in as well.

    Forms can be found on the link to the left of this page.

    Girls interested in trying out for Middle School Girls Basketball need to have all FHSAA forms turned into Coach Whittaker prior to tryouts.

    Tryouts:  Students will be picked up on the back lot.  Students not picked up by 5:45 will be sent to BTB and fees will be applied if applicable.

    Practice Schedule

    Tuesday Nov. 1st  @ Trinity  3:30-5:30

    Wednesday Nov. 2nd @ Trinity 3:30-5:30

    Thursday Nov. 3rd @ Lafayette Park  3:30-5:00 - please pick up promptly.


    2022-2023 Lady Knights Basketball Schedule

    Head Coach- Tamia Brooks

    November 7, Monday Home vs. Community Leadership 3:30 @ Community Leadership Academy

    November 8, Tuesday Away vs. Holy Comforter 5:00

    November 9, Wednesday Away vs. Florida High 5:00

    November 15, Away vs. Maclay 5:00

    November 16, Away vs. River Springs 5:00  Cancelled

    November 28, Away vs. Wakulla 5:00

    November 29, Home vs. Christ Classical 4:00 (@SPJII)

    December 2, Friday Home vs. Wakulla 4:00 (@SPJII)

    December 5, Monday Home vs Maclay 5:00 @ Maclay

    December 12, Monday Home vs. Holy Comforter 4:00 (@H.C.)

    December 16, Friday Home vs. N.F.C. 4:00 (@SJPII)

    January 10, Tuesday Away vs. Community Leadership 3:30 (@CLA)

    January 12, Thursday Away vs. NFC 5:00